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ETHER 2 Special Edition

by Dan Clark Audio
Open-Back Headphone

ETHER 2 is Dan Clark Audio's all-new Top-of-the-Line planar magnetic headphone. At only 290grams, ETHER 2 shatters the weight barrier for top-of-the-line headphones, ensuring it feels as good as it sounds, & looks.

The Special Edition is a unique collectors edition, which includes our attractive walnut headphone stand & display case, autographed by the ETHER 2 designers, Dan Clark & Jason Egger. In addition, the Special Edition includes not one but two VIVO cables terminated to your choice.

Dan Clark Audio's ETHER 2 headphone is our all-new top of the line open-back planar magnetic headphone with a new driver, motor, baffle, & headband all designed to collaboratively blend remarkable lifelike sound with the industry-leading comfort & reliability that are the hallmarks of Dan Clark Audio products.

New kid on the block

It’s been 3 years & we’ve not been idle, having introduced our critically acclaimed VOCE electrostatic headphone, plus our high performance and yet inexpensive ÆON headphones.

But we've been hard at work on the flagship planars, & now we’re pleased to introduce ETHER 2!

It has an entirely new motor designed around the concept of TrueFlow technology. Instead of designing TrueFlow into the motor, we designed the motor around the TrueFlow technology to realize a major improvement in linearity, dynamics, and detail. And we didn’t stop there.

To make the most of the increased resolution of the motor we developed an all-new diaphragm that’s 70% less aluminum trace weight than the original ETHER driver. As a result, ETHER 2 delivers incredible clarity, powerful, fast bass, liquid mids, and a smooth, balanced top end that’s incredibly resolving yet not at all bright to deliver a coherent, dynamic and remarkably balanced performance.