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99 Classics Walnut (Silver)

by Meze Audio
Closed-Back Headphone

The Meze 99 Classics delivers perfect natural sound even to the pickiest of audio lovers. The walnut wood earcups, soft earpads, and the spring steel headband will make the 99 Classics an heirloom rather than just a pair of headphones.

Just like fingerprints, wood grain is as unique, thus making each pair of Meze Headphone a one of a kind. You will love how they feel in your hands. Sturdy built and precise assembly. The ear cups are made with a satin finished wood grain. Put them on, sit back, and enjoy your favorite sound of plucked strings, upbeat grooves or thumping beats while still looking classy.

Includes detachable Kevlar OFC cable w/ 3.5mm gold-plated connector.