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by ampsandsound
2-Channel Tube Headphone Amplifier

Like many of our amplifier, the Kenzie headphone amplifier developed from our earlier models, and in this case, rave reviews about the SE-84’s headphone section.

The Kenzie does not use a voltage network, plus has more than enough amplification to drive even the most difficult headphones. We selected 32 ohm & 600 ohm output taps to enable use with the widest variety of headphones; everything from Grado Labs, Sony, Audeze, MrSpeakers, Sennheiser, & Focal.

The Kenzie is one of the sweetest-sounding headphone amplifiers on the market. The 1626 is commonly referred to as the “Poor Man’s 300B”; presenting a similar level of warmth, texture, & sound-stage depth.