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Mogwai Specail Edition

by ampsandsound
2-Channel Tube Headphone Amplifier

Like many of our amplifiers, the Mogwai developed from our earlier models, adopting from the Bigger Ben & Classic Wonder, while embracing the form factor of the Kenzie. The Mogwai provides more than an entry point for tube amps, but is a hybrid product, meant for both headphone & loudspeaker use.

The Mogwai makes use of single-ended Class A operation with no feedback to produce the essence of our Classic Wonder sound; strictly old school SET sound, without having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on tubes.

The Mogwai doesn't use a voltage divider network, but relies on transformers instead. We chose a 32 ohm tap for headphones to offer a dedicated choice for the widest range of headphones, plus an 8-ohm loudspeaker tap to connect the Mogwai to moderately efficient loudspeakers.