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Portrait LCR-DM MK2

by Artison
LCR Speakers

Artison Portrait Left/Center/Right Speakers are state-of-the-art speakers, with patented Dual Center Channel technology. The 2 enclosures contain 4 separate speaker chambers: 2 Center Channels, 1 Left Channel, & 1 Right Channel creating a true 3-ch. home theater audio encounter. This distinctive engineering supplies a center channel experience that appears to come from the middle of the display, without creating any additional wall clutter.

Speaker Features:
Driver Complement Per Speaker (Sold as Pair)
* Four - 3.5” Long Throw Carbon Fiber Midrange / Woofers
* Two - XT25 Super Audio Tweeters, 15° Swivel Mount
* One - 1" Stage Tweeter
* Mounts to the display's VESA mounts allowing the audio to travel with the video even if the display is on an articulating arm
* Extruded aluminum black anodized shell provides a design that will work with even the thinnest of flat panels without giving up performance
* Side firing Stage Tweeters, make the sound stage extend far beyond the display
* Long Throw Carbon Fiber Woofers deliver revolutionary audio performance
* XT tweeters create unmatched clarity & the swivel mount allows fine-tune to the listening position
* Centered, rear input terminals allow for simple wire routing
* Gold plated spring connectors guarantee a good connection for the life of the install
* Custom sized grilles available in Light Grey or Black