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Fathom ICS-SYS-108

by JL Audio
In-Ceiling Subwoofer System

The in-ceiling subwoofer system with a single 8": subwoofer driver:

The same designers that engineered JL Audio’s reference-grade Fathom & Gotham powered subwoofers have created an amazing in-wall subwoofer solution. It is centered on one innovative, thin-line drivers with groundbreaking engineering.

The housing for this distinct driver is one critically engineered enclosure. The enclosure has considerable architectural features aimed at improving rigidity while keeping a very low profile design build, plus minimal wall thickness for flexibility.

A paintable, fine steel-mesh grille, also designed to control vibration, is included for each enclosure in the system. Once installed, that is the only thing that shows.

The ICS-SYS-108 is driven by a rack-mountable, purpose-tuned amplifier, capable of delivering up to 300 watts of clean power, & armed with significant processing features, including our latest Digital Automatic Room Optimization system.

System Features:
* Grill Finish:
Primer White (paintable)
* Enclosure Construction:
CNC-Cut Birch Plywood
* Power:
300 watts RMS
* Filter Frequency Range:
30 Hz - 130 Hz