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Fathom f113v2

by JL Audio
Powered Subwoofer

Reference powered subwoofer with a single 13.5" subwoofer driver:

The f113v2 is a heavy-weight of the Fathom formula. It is perfect for large spaces thanks to its higher efficiency & higher power output. The combination of a single ultra-long throw W7 13.5" driver & a very robust switching amplifier give it jaw-dropping performance strong points at any listening level.

Because it is built with the same driver & amplifier technology as our flagship Gotham, it will deliver a monumental level of sound quality. Low distortion, excellent dynamic capabilities & a shockingly deep bass extension will allow you to experience all the excitement of the most demanding movie material, while also being able to recreate all the nuance & texture of your most graceful musical material.

A very complete set of signal processing attributes is easily accessible on the top surface of the Gotham. These include a highly flexible low-pass filter, variable phase, switchable polarity, e.l.f. trim & our powerful Digital Automatic Room Optimization (D.A.R.O.) system. A calibrated microphone is included for the D.A.R.O. system. The input is made by an unbalanced/RCA connection or a balanced/XLR jack. Plus an included feature is a balanced/XLR output to connect a 2nd Gotham v2 subwoofer as a slave unit.

Speaker Features:
* Finish:
Gloss Black, furniture-grade standard.
* Grille finish:
Black fabric
* Enclosure Construction:
* Power:
3000 watts RMS
* Filter Frequency Range:
30 Hz - 130 Hz