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Sage P38i

by Wisdom Audio
In-Wall / In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

The Sage P38i offers the ultimate high-end audiophile loudspeaker in a slender & elegant design that fully integrates into any room. Wonderfully suited for home theater & media rooms, it generates the highest level of sonic excellence & performance available from an in-wall type speaker. The Sage P38i includes a sizeable planar magnetic driver, plus 4 robust six inch woofers for low distortion, high-resolution sound & a outstanding dynamic range. The innovative design delivers superb bass performance in an incredibly small enclosure.

Speaker Attributes:
* In-Wall/Ceiling
* One MTM Planar Magnetic Driver
* Four High Power Woofers
* Highly Detailed & Dynamic
* Covers 5 Octaves of Clarity
* Light Weight Film PEEK