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by Final Audio
In-Ear Headphone

Sound quality design based on the present-day acoustic engineering & psychological research results. We want people to take more of an interest in audio products. Final Audio has developed this new entry model with this in mind.

We've carried out the design of this item based on the latest acoustic engineering & psychological research results. Using the usual method of sound creation whereby certain high frequencies are emphasized, you're inclined to feel detailed sound when you 1st listen, but because of this, other ranges become clouded & hard to hear.

With E3000, not creating a range that is emphasized makes for clear sound quality. Added to this, giving high frequencies the slightest distinctiveness has you encountering the same sense of realism you would if the music were played from right in front of you. With this IEM, we've aimed at sound quality that makes the music resound pleasantly for a "standard" whose value you feel the more you use it over time rather than just in its appeal when you first listen to it.

Headphone Features:
* Housing : Stainless Steel Mirror Finish
* Driver : 6.4mm Dynamic
* Cable : OFC Black Cable
* Sensitivity : 100dB
* Impedance : 16ohm
* Weight : 0.5 ounces
* Cord Length : 1.2 meters