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EVO3 Premier

by IsoTek
Power Cable

EVO3 Premier was encouraged by discussions with premium electronics companies. Many of them manufacture audio equipment that retails for tens of thousands of dollars, but bundle the gear with poor quality power cords that significantly constrain it's performance.

EVO3 Premier delivers superb performance, but also represent an outstanding value-for-your-dollar. No compromise has been made in relation to the quality of parts or materials used in its construction.

Cable Design Features:

* The conductors are in a parallel design with a minimal rotational twist. This established technique remains the first line of protection against RFI & EMI rejection.
* Silver plated 99.9999% OFC conductors offer an exceptional level of purity with an enhanced conductivity level. They are less likely to fracture or degrade over time compared to a solid core. Silver is an superb conductor & when combined with a high purity copper provides splendid electrical properties.
* Teflon FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) dielectric (insulation) is chemically inert & has a very low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range. FEP possesses a very high degree of stress crack resistance & a low coefficient of friction making it an extraordinary dielectric. FEP is the first choice for safety in both temperature & electrical insulation.
* Cotton filler has been used to give the cable internal strength, plus reduce microphony. Cotton also possesses excellent dielectric properties, the best of a solid material.
* A paper wrap is used to secure the construction prior to the application of a flexible PVC jacket. The addition of the paper & cotton form a buffer with the PVC so as to maintain remarkable dielectric properties.
* PVC is used as the outer jacket to give an elevated degree of flexibility & mechanical strength.
* It is terminated using IsoTek’s bespoke Audiophile grade moulded terminations of solid OFC with 24ct gold plated conductors. These offer the highest quality performance & are less prone to tarnish.

16amp, 1.5m Length, Multiple Terminations Available