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by Clarus Cable
Power Conditioner

Clarus Concerto is designed to provide your A/V system equipment with AC power that has been scrubbed clean of unwanted extraneous noise that is either lying on your building’s internal power grid or noise that has been generated by Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Through the application of innovative engineering combined with many hours of listening to music from both analog & digital devices, the Clarus Concerto emerged. It is a state-of-the-art AC line conditioner, noise eliminator & surge suppressor.

The Clarus Concerto has eight (8) Hospital-Grade duplex outlets each arranged at a 45° angle making it easier to connect your component’s AC plug. The Hospital-Grade outlets are electrically isolated to prevent inter-outlet interaction. Outlet banks are labeled specifically for the appropriate equipment type, for which it was engineered to provide the highest level of filtering. The 2 outlets labeled: HIGH CURRENT are connected to a massive 30A C-Core filter designed to supply full power without restricting dynamics to power amplifiers, receivers & powered subwoofers. The 4 outlets labeled: DIGITAL connect to filter systems specifically designed to deliver clean power to DAC's & CD players. Clarus’ proprietary design of complex multi-level filtering provides the best attenuation of noise while not impeding the dynamics. The 2 outlets labeled: ANALOG delivers clean AC power that will allow analog music to open up. The technologically advanced C-Core has superb magnetic properties that performs & sounds superior than any filter available. The Concerto’s high performance hospital grade outlets are engineered with advanced materials to ensure electrical contact reliability over time. In addition, the Clarus Concerto provides Vibration Control, Under/Over Voltage protection, Surge Suppression & a cable support bar to easily handle the heaviest power cable.