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Crimson Series Balanced Audio Cable 1M (CCB-010) (Pair)

by Clarus Cable
Balanced Audio Cable (Pair)

The most exceptional high-end audio cables on the market:

Clarus Crimson audio cables are engineered to provide the peak performance of a listening experience for discerning audiophiles. Every cables characteristics are an innovative multi-gauge design that uses 3 different-shaped conductor types which are each individually insulated. The results are enhanced bass, midrange & treble. Besides ultra-low-distortion PCOCC, they are made with precision-formulated polyethylene (PE) insulation which provides low loss, increased imaging & the utmost sound definition. No other audiophile-grade cables on the market feature the innovative engineering breakthroughs & boosted high-end performance of Clarus Crimson cables.

Cable Features:
* PCCC - 16awg
* Triple Balanced
* Multiple Solid Bass Conductors
* Single Flat Conductor for Midrange
* Multiple Spiral Ribbon for Treble
* All Conductors Insulated
* Triple Shield Lifted at Sink

Many Lengths Available:
* XLR (Balanced)