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Grado White Headphones

by Grado
Over Ear Headphones

The limited White Headphone commemorates the power an album, or even just a single song, may have on a person’s life. The Grado White Headphones are a special edition Grado in tribute to the legendary White Album.

Available only till the end of 2019.

The White Headphone is the first headphone to have an all white platter outer enclosure, and utilizes a very intricate curing process that optimizes the tonal quality. Grado has designed a compact ventilation system, increasing the mass of the maple wood and creating a even fuller-bodied, deeper sound.

Some of the marvels of a Grado driver are the clarity and range, revealing new notes and details in songs heard hundreds of times. The White Headphone explodes with warm harmonic colors, rich full bodied vocals, excellent dynamics, and an ultra-smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep, and the music is very tight while non-fatiguing.