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Carbon Series - 18 XL

by Kimber Kable
Speaker Cable

A sympathetic combination of a braided geometry to optimize the reactance profile & a non-twisted parallel straight run (shortest distance between two points) to decrease DCR for wide bandwidth & most favorable amplifier damping for lightning fast transients & unrestricted upper ranges. Exemplary for high current wide bandwidth applications.

Sixteen - 19.5awg braided conductors & two - 14.5awg conductors.

A ideal equal complement for premium full-range floor standing speakers & reference stand mounted bookshelf speakers.

Electrostatically dissipative carbon polymer lowers mechanically generated electrical noise & enhances the uniformity of the voltage gradient within the insulating dielectric.

Carbon provides a natural sound profile without being absurdly bright or exceedingly dark.

Custom Built, Many Lengths Available, Multiple Terminations:
* WBT 0681 CU (5/16")
* WBT 0661 CU (1/4")
* WBT 0610 CU