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by Sony ES
4K UHD Blu-ray

UBP-X800M2 4K UHD Blu-ray Disc™ Player

The premium Blu-ray home cinema experience, optimized for custom integration. Constructed with premium materials & equipped with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby Vision, HDR10, Hi-Res Audio, & 4K upscaling capability. It brings to you a 4K HDR experience like no other. Play virtually any disc format out there, from Blu-ray disc to SACD, DVD-A, & regular CDs with unbelievable crystal-clear audio performance, plus stream music from around your home using built-in Wi-Fi.

Near-limitless Audio Pleasure:

The unit supports a host of master quality 24-bit audio formats, from AAC & WAV, to DSD formats up to11.2 MHz & many more.

All The Colors In Nature:

It has support for the new BT.2020 color spaces, which means access to a much more extensive scope of colors than conventional TV signals have to offer. This ultra-wide color space means content creators can deliver much more saturated & realistic color from deep aquatic blues to natural greens & vibrant reds.