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by Astell&Kern
cd ripper

AK CD-Ripper MKII Perfect Extractor, The Second Story AK CD-RIPPER MKII, the second model of AK CD-RIPPER, seamlessly delivers CD music to a single-touch Astell&Kern player.
Maintaining the stable performance of past models, the new model supports an enhanced design for more complete ripping.
Use your AK CD-RIPPER MKII to seamlessly and effortlessly rip CD music to the Astell&Kern player.
Connections You can easily connect the AK CD-RIPPER MKII to the Astell&Kern music players using the cable provided.
AK CD-RIPPER MKII may not be properly recognized when using a power supply adapter of less than 5V 2A.
Connect to the USB Type-C Micro USB Cable