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VT80 SE (Silver)

by Audio Research
2-Channel Tube Amplifier

We are pleased to introduce the VT80SE, the Audio Research amplifier with the greatest appeal to the largest number of music lovers worldwide. By combining world-class performance with flexibility & a great feature set like auto-bias, it has been an amp that is easy to take home & just forget about as you enjoy your music collection again, for the first time.

The big change from the VT80 to the new VT80SE is upgrading the KT120 tubes to the higher performance KT150 power output tubes. Everyone should know that we have a deep love for the KT150, as we feature it in all of our other amplifiers. We use them in the VSi75 to the REF 750SE. It's performance is unparalleled & the 3,000 hour average life expectancy allows for years of uninterrupted listening pleasure. The VT80 was originally designed with the KT120 tubes, the predecessor to the KT150, but these two tubes are electrically interchangeable and the demand for delivering the VT80 with the KT150 could be ignored no longer.