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Reference 160 S (Black)

by Audio Research
2-Channel Tube Amplifier

Audio Research is pleased to announce the Reference 160S stereo power amplifier. A vacuum-tube design, it follows in the footsteps of the internationally-acclaimed 160M monaural power amplifier, introduced in 2018, which has won multiple amplifier-of the-year honors from publications such as Stereophile, Hi-Fi+, and others.

The Reference 160S (REF160S) carries-over the stunning look of the 160M, with dual GhostMeters™ that float in front of the 8-KT150 output power tubes.

The 160S continues the feature set that was introduced in the 160M, including a proprietary auto-bias circuit, switchable Triode or Ultra-linear modes of operation, both XLR & RCA inputs, and an output tube monitoring mode. The 160S also uses a 4-layer circuit board, allowing music to emanate from a jet-black background.

The REF160S distills the incredible resolution, dynamic impact, musical purity and finesse of the 160M into one beautiful well built single chassis. It was designed for the music lover in all of us.