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A&ultima, SP1000M (Onyx Black)

by Astell&Kern
Digital Audio Player

So far, we believe that the A&ultima SP1000 is the optimal product that produces the highest quality level of audio. We were not really sure if it was possible to come up with a product that is different from the SP1000 while delivering the same sound quality level, but we decided to take up the challenge so that more people could experience the true fidelity of our products.

There have been several trials & tribulations in making the SP1000, our best product, smaller. We were determined not to compromise sound quality in the process, & eventually we designed the second A&ultima product, the SP1000M.

* Octa-Core CPU for Next-Level Performance
* AK4497EQ Dual DAC for Highest Sound Quality
* 4.1 Inch HD Display
* Highest Quality Audio of SP1000
* Portable & Durable Aluminum Body
* DNLA-Based AK Connect App
* Open APP Service

The lightweight & compact SP1000M allows users to enjoy original sound playback, at any time & anywhere. It achieves greater portability without sacrificing the level of results found in the original SP1000.

The word "M" in SP1000M does not constitute a specific word, but rather encompasses many of the characteristics that the product aims to pursue.

* MINI: Smaller than SP1000
* MOBILITY: more portability
* MAXIMUM: produces the highest quality audio
* MANIA: for clients who are obsessed with true, original sound
* MATE: perfect anytime & anywhere
* MOMENT: free of distractions, lost in music