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Cascade Grande

by Stewart Filmscreen
Retractable, Above Ceiling, Self-Finishing Screen System

Cascade Grande comes in three standard sizes— S6, S8, and S10—each signifying the diameter in inches of a roller pipe constructed like a tank. These professional displays are powerful machines and therefore can hold images from 16 feet 10 inches of image width up to 45 feet. Many Cascade Grande models work full-time in locations such as major colleges, notable hotels and many Fortune 500 companies— which all give viewers amazing visual experiences.
Each unit is built with your custom drop specifications, matching ceiling heights and viewing angles perfectly. The built-in control system is full-featured and connects to any room automation system. All Cascade Grande models are designed to easy access panels to allow future material upgrades and ease of service. Cascade Grande is truly the granddaddy of all the big electromagnetic screens.
This large venue electric screen installs beautifully and finishes out the ceiling, professionally. With proprietary roller tube technology and a super quiet motor, this screen is always ready to go to work.
Press a button and the screen will retract into the ceiling, keeping it clean and safe until the next viewing experience. Cascade Grande gives high functionality while freeing up valuable wall space when not in use. With retractable screens, the venue can now be used for other, meaningful activities.

Cascade Grande S8
Maximum image height:
Maximum image width:
Cascade Grande S10
Maximum image height:
Maximum image width:
Image Sizes Listed are with 12" Top Masking