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by Stewart Filmscreen
Retractable, Above Ceiling Screen System with Trapdoor

When a high-quality fit & finish is as important as a heavy-quality image: Stealth is a beautiful, small format, retractable screen system with a trapdoor closure. This allows the screen to be completely hidden from your view until it is deployed. The screen design offers exceptional reliability and quiet operation, and a choice of several electronic control options.
Stealth is always seamless and available in any of Stewart's front or rear 16K+ projection fabrics with an image width of up to 13 feet. The Stealth screen can also be equipped with an optional camera used for video conferencing. Optional vertical or horizontal masking is also available in this system.
Optional masking available: Dual aspect ratios can be achieved by adding either vertical (as shown) or horizontal masking to the Stealth screen. A common choice for vertical masking is a continual height, native Range aspect ratio of 2.39 or 2.35, which can then be masked to 1.85 Academy Flat or 1.78 HD. With horizontal masking, you can start with a native aspect ratio of 4:3 & mask down to just about any other aspect ratio.
In addition, we use a wide variety of acoustically transparent, masking fabrics. Each fabric is balanced for optimal tone and visual appearance.

Perfect in-ceiling concealment: by pushing a button, your screen will retract to the ceiling, keeping it clean and safe until your next viewing experience. Stealth gives you high functionality and enables you to free up useful wall space so that your room can express other ideas than watching television.

Model: Stealth
Maximum image height: 66 ¼”
Maximum image width: 118"
Model: Stealth MT3
Maximum image height: 87 ¾”
Maximum image width: 156"
Model: Stealth V3
Maximum image height: 63 ½”
Maximum image width: 149"
Model: Stealth H3
Maximum image height: 83 ¾”
Maximum image width: 149"
Model: Stealth VCS
Maximum image height: 57 ¼”
Maximum image width: 102"