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Electra IC1002

by Focal
In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

2-way Coaxial IN-CEILING loudSPEAKER
Discover Electra IC1002, a high-end loudspeaker equipped with an exclusive coaxial speaker driver. Thanks to its 'W' cone and its Al/Mg tweeter, it guarantees great musicality and maximal power handling. It is ideal as a main high-quality audio loudspeaker or as a high-end surround loudspeaker.
The Electra range embodies technological excellence at the service of the absolute finest sound: Focal’s core values in just a few words. This product offer is a truly compact and invisible alternative for a traditional audio system for your home. The sophisticated design and exceptional performances of this line enables it to compete with classic high-end loudspeakers.
A very high-fidelity sound for an in-Ceiling version. A prominent sobriety and an exceptional sound: the main values of Focal in just a few phrases. On the way to your emotions. Optional backrest fire and mounting bracket.