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by Dr. Feickert
Manual Belt-Drive Turntable with Tonearm

… By taking the time to develop everything new from scratch, we finally ended up with a nicely compact & elegant new turntable. This new design has all the integrity we are famous for, ideal neutrality, elegant appearance, & build quality for starters.

The way:
… Getting there was not an easy one. All our core components used in the bigger model lines underwent an evaluation if they would suit the new design approach. It turned out pretty soon that all of them had to undergo a complete redesign.

Testing & refining repeatedly in this new design, ended up as a benchmark for this price-range of products. As our universal sliding arm-board mechanism could not be transferred to the turntable, there is not an easy way to swap to other tonearms almost on-the-fly at low cost in a short time...

The incentive:
… Not only did it come from our distributors & dealers, lots of potential customers asked for a lower priced model sustaining our ideals in design, sound & build quality. The question always was, if we can. The answer? Yes, we can!

The mission:
... We don't like to make compromises. The new chassis topology is focused on high mass in the center of the bearing. This new bearing is extremely stiff and robust as well as being a low friction design. High inner inertia and an oil bath wet sump approach make this bearing a perfect partner of our high torque motor design resulting in low rumble and smooth operation.

Features Include:
* Belt-drive turntable
* Quick swap mechanism for arm-boards
* Dimensions: 16.6" x 14.2" x 4.9"
* Arm-board: 8.1 - 9.4" pivot-spindle (9 - 10 inches effective length)
* Weight: 38.6 lbs. (w/o tonearm, aluminium platter)
* Warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)