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by Dr. Feickert
Manual Belt-Drive Turntable with Tonearm

The idea:
… Based on our previous experience with the Woodpecker & Blackbird turntables, we have refined our applied concepts. The ability to handle 2 twelve inch tonearms was one of the principle design parameters along with simplifying the turntable setup and alignment procedures. We also focused on the visual aspect as well, with progressive refinements in our form factor, fit, finish & presence. From a tonal standpoint the Firebird represents the pinnacle of the DFA product line. It is truly our new reference turntable.

The mission:
… It was not to simply modify the electronics used from the Woodpecker & Blackbird, that would have been to simple. Instead we started from scratch with all new electronics. We developed a much more experienced type of hardware, plus completely rewrote our software. Taking multi-motor-turntable operation to a never before seen level. Not to worry though, this new level of technology will also be integrated into our current Woodpecker & Blackbird tables, thus bringing their performance level up as well.

Running on three motors we chose the only geometrical configuration that really makes sense (the equilateral triangle). As we have already shown with the Blackbird, the positive effects of reduced drag force on the bearing is upgraded by the triangle configuration. It also stabilizes the bearing/platter assembly by cancelling out all acting forces. All propensity of gyration are effectively eliminated. Combined with our all new bearing with 80% reduced area of contact (which will also be fitted into the Woodpecker & Blackbird models), we achieve much lower friction causing less rumble & improving the wow & flutter even more …

The result:
… Timeless elegant style paired with perfect measurements. Ease of use at a new level that improves upon the experience from our smaller models. Easier to set up too, as we also designed new feet that allow a much wider range of leveling capability along with improved sonic excellence. In addition we have also implemented & improved our well known built-in Protractor TT for setting up tonearms & cartridges. In Addition, an all new & more refined arm-board design which makes assembly even more elementary than before with enhanced accuracy. You‘ll be astonished at how simple it is to achieve the best performance.

The sound:
… Pitch black background paired with pure dynamics, both macro & micro. Power plus stability meets neutrality. Whatever your choice of tonearm & cartridge is, It will reveal the most you can get out of it opening new horizons for your listening pleasure.

Available in multiple finishes:

Features Include:
* Belt-drive turntable, 3 motors, 2 tonearms
* Quick-release system for tonearms / arm-boards
* Integrated Protractor for cartridge / tonearm alignment
* Dimensions: 22" x 18.1" x 6.3"
* Armboard right: 8.1 - 13.6" pivot-spindle (9 - 14 inch eff. length)
* Armboard left (opt.): 8.1 - 11.8" pivot-spindle (9 - 12 inch eff. length)
* weight: 50.7 lbs. (chassis), 64 lbs. (without tonearm)
* warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)