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Two Channel Audio

Two Channel Audio > CD Transport / DAC

Reference CD9 SE (Silver)

by Audio Research
2-Channel CD Player / DAC

Audio Research introduced its first Reference series CD player in 2005 with the Reference CD7, then evolving into the Reference CD8. Both players received critical acclaim for their accuracy and naturalness. People still want to play their CDs, but they also want to add other digital sources such as computer audio / streaming to their music systems. So in turn we created the Reference CD9SE CD Player / DAC. It combines the best of both worlds, a super high-resolution compact disc player with a super high-resolution D-to-A converter that is stunning in its musicality.

The Reference CD9SE incorporates 4 digital inputs: USB 2.0HS, AES/EBU, RCA, & Toslink. All inputs handle 24bit/192kHz resolution. It retains the Philips PRO2R transport, still the best dedicated CD mechanism that is simply unsurpassed for compact disc playback. The advantage from what we have learned in the development of the Reference DAC, the REF CD9 utilizes quad 24-bit DACs running in mono mode, with dual master oscillators; one for 44.1/88.2/176.4 sample rates, the other for 48/96/192kHz sample rates. The sample rate conversion is adjustable for all inputs, allowing playback in native resolution. It has the ability to up-sample the compact disc & all inputs, including USB. Additionally, there is an adjustable digital filter, with either fast or slow roll-off.