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Reference 160 M (Silver)

by Audio Research
Monoblock Tube Amplifier

After 2 years in development, the new Reference 160M (REF160M) Mono Block Power Amplifier is built like no other, plus looks and sounds like no other amplifier that you have ever heard. It is unmistakably Audio Research. It features a refined audio topology with fewer & a better level of components in the signal-path than in previous designs. The 160M has a switchable Ultra-linear / Triode operation, proprietary auto-bias, and output tube monitoring with protection. It has an advanced power meter, and much more. This array of features has never been offered before in an Audio Research amplifier.

140w continuous (20hz-20khz @ 1khz)
Output Taps @ 16ohms/8ohms/4ohms
KT150 Output Tubes