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Two Channel Audio

Two Channel Audio > Preamplifier


by Boulder

The 2110 is Boulder’s most iconic offering. It is instantly recognizable, our highest performing, continuously-produced preamplifier. Inside there are countless technological advancements and precision electronic design. Outside, the modern and luxurious look is highlighted by a wrap-around mirror-glass display window and hand-polished stainless steel controls. Extensive connection and programming features make the 2110 the obvious choice as the heart of any world-class audio system.

Balanced version of Boulder's analog discrete step volume control is programmable for 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0 dB steps

Four separate chassis: left audio, right audio, user interface, and power supply to isolate the analog channels from supply, control, and display noise

Large, easy-to-read, dot matrix LED display

Six pairs of programmable, differentially-balanced inputs

Three pairs of balanced outputs for bi- and tri-amplified systems or powered subwoofers

Cut mirror glass display window to match the hand-polished stainless steel buttons and volume control

Separate power supply chassis houses three independent power supplies: analog left, analog right and control functions

Every input can be custom named and configured for user preferences

Auxiliary outputs are programmable to feed secondary systems or recording devices

Uses 12 high-current output 993S gain stages, a discrete and modern version of the 990 gain stage used in broadcast and recording studios world-wide

Boulder Link and 12V trigger for use with external control systems

Each input can be configured for Theater Mode when used in home cinema installations