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by Boulder

The 2150 Mono Amplifier is the beneficiary of 30 years of amplifier design. It replaces the renowned 2050 Mono Amplifier, a benchmark product that stayed in continuous production for almost 18 years.

Having the perfect template to build on, we analyzed, improved, and evolved the 2150 into something much greater than its predecessor. It outperforms it in every way. After all, we don’t aspire to benchmarks. We outdo them.

Boulder's most powerful continuously manufactured amplifier: 1000W into any load

Computer designed surface-mount circuit boards secured in custom-machined frames, each damped to eliminate mechanical distortion

Dual toroidal transformers, potted and installed in a welded steel enclosure: transformer hum is not permitted

Boulder Link for turn-on and turn-off of amplifiers and to send status messages to the display of any Boulder preamplifier

12V trigger connection for remote turn-on by most surround-sound processors and control systems

Two 99H2 gain stages (one for + audio and one for - audio), a third-generation descendent of the 990 gain stage used in recording and broadcast studios world-wide

Supervisor board monitors and controls all aspects of the amplifier's operating status

Dual gain stage design maximizes bandwidth by incorporating the majority of gain in the first stage

Designed as a fully-balanced, true monaural amplifier for ideal loudspeaker interface

Full Class-A biasing actively managed with an analog circuit that reduces heat and improves efficiency

Massive instant power delivery and damping from 80 bipolar output transistors

Dual speaker connections via easy to connect, high-current speaker terminals to accommodate bi-wired loudspeakers