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by Boulder
2-Channel Solid State Amplifier

The art of technological progress, beautifully expressed in the art of visual design, in an amplifier of truly remarkable ability. Let us present to you the Boulder 1160. Awe-inspiring and modern, yet staying true to Boulder’s long-standing guiding principle: maximize performance. Every circuit has been refined and every mechanical detail has been optimized. Everything about the 1160 is executed to a spectacularly high standard. As a result, it is exactly what you would expect: brilliant.

300 watts of output power can drive any reasonable loudspeaker to realistic levels

Machined front panel depicts the topography of Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder, Colorado

Improved thermal management reduces temperature while operating

Ethernet-enabled supervisor circuitry monitors amp, protection systems, and IP and HTML control

New grounding system and fully-balanced circuit design improve clarity and reduce distortion

Robust output section using 56 output transistors means excellent reliability, control, and power with any loudspeaker

Dual power transformers are DC filtered and enclosed a welded steel case for perfectly silent operation

Boulder Net control access connects to networked systems & integrated homes and links the 1160 with other Boulder products

Boulder's 983 gain stage combines discrete and monolithic design for excellent sound quality

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