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by Empire Ears
In-Ear Monitor

Every decision made in the recording, mixing and mastering process relies on the truth and that’s explicitly what the Empire Studio Reference (ESR) MKII delivers; Pure, neutral and unadulterated sound reproduction with unrivaled detail retrieval. The ESR MKII is the next generation of the ESR and is consequently the best studio reference in-ear monitor we’ve ever crafted.

The ESR MKII features an upgraded 5 driver hybrid configuration, consisting of triple balanced armatures and dual electrostatics, alongside a completely reengineered 4-way synX crossover network driven by EIVEC and ARC technology to effortlessly reproduce the sonic transparency and critical details needed for monitoring, mixing and mastering.

The ESR MKII is Empire’s flattest in-ear monitor and it delivers true-to-recording dynamics, ultra-fast transient response and wide dispersion to meet the needs of music, cinema and broadcast production.