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by Focal
In-Wall Subwoofer (ea)

Sensational Bass:

Made in France in the Focal workshops, the 1000 IWSUB Utopia boasts brand new, exclusive design construction & can be installed horizontally or vertically. It intermingles the best Focal technology from the iconic Utopia line. Its 3 - 6.5” (16.5cm) bass drivers with their ‘W’ cones offer unparalleled power handling: the low end reproduction is sensational, in Stereo as well as Home Cinema listening sessions.

Constantly pushing boundaries, the engineers have designed and conceived this subwoofer so that it joins together perfectly with the 1000 IWLCR Utopia reference loudspeaker, but also with as many other 1000 IWSUB Utopia models as desired. Each product is connected to the others using the professional Speakon cabling provided: the only limit to the assembly options is your imagination!

Offering the ability to choose the impedance for each speaker driver according to the number of linked products, 1000 IWSUB Utopia allows an unrivalled audio installation without modifying your room, thanks to its ready-to-paint magnetic grills.

The discreet pleasure of powerful sound excellence...

Feature Set Includes:
* 3 - 6.5" Woofers ‘W’ cones