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1000 ICLCR5

by Focal
3-Way In-Ceiling LCR Speaker

In-Ceiling Hi-Fi Sound

The 1000 ICLCR5 loudspeaker is the Home Cinema solution for premium quality audio experience. Made in France, it brings together exclusive Focal technologies found in the Utopia level, like the ‘W’ cone of the speaker driver & the pure Beryllium tweeter.

Thanks to its revolutionary design & its versatile midrange-treble plate, the listening point is perfectly targeted for a listening experience without compromise. The tweeter level can also be set so that it adjusts to your theater room. In addition, this bass-reflex in-ceiling loudspeaker is suited to several types of implementation: left, central or right front channels, plus left or right rear channels. Finally, the ready-to-paint magnetic grilles supplied with the speaker ensure it is totally unnoticeable. The installation is swift & requires no tools, thanks to the patented Easy Quick Install system.

This 1000 Series range of loudspeakers incorporates Focal excellence for the most astonishing & low-key listening experience.

Feature Set Includes:
* Beryllium Tweeter
* 4" Midrange ‘W’ cone
* 2 - 5" Woofers ‘W’ cone
* Tweeter Performance Adjustment