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Two Channel Audio

Two Channel Audio > DAC / Streamer

DAC501 (Black)

by Weiss
2-Channel DAC / Streamer


DSP D/A Converter & Network Renderer

The DAC501 / DAC502 are our new state of the art D/A Converters with an extraordinary level of refinement & versatily.

The DAC502 uses a larger frame but else sports the same features as the DAC501. Except for an an additional 4-Pin Balanced headphone socket at the back of the unit.

With the DAC50x we are creating a new example for what used to be a black box device. A typical DAC is a "set and forget" device. Not so with the DAC50x. It adds a number of fascinating signal processing attributes & sports a variety of digital inputs. Balanced (XLR) , unbalanced (RCA) & headphone outputs are provided.

Weiss Engineering has a 30 year history in D/A Converter design. In that time span we have learned a thing or two about converter design. The DAC50x is the essence of our experiences.

DAC501 and DAC502 are Roon Ready.

Feature Set Includes:
* Input Selection
* AES/EBU or S/PDIF via XLR, Toslink and RCA sockets
* UPnP / DLNA via Ethernet
* Roon Ready
* Accepted formats: PCM 44.1kHz up to 384 kHz, DSD 64x / 128x.