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Odin Founder's Edition

by Empire Ears
In Ear Monitor

The universe needs icons. Those extraordinary few that stand clear of the rest. For these individuals who inspire greatness, only the purest formulation of Empire Ears will do. An icon like no other. A IEM that stands alone - so superlative as to be named after the god of wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magic. Odin has arrived. Its beauty leaves no room for doubt. Its power cannot be reasoned with.

Unquestionably, Odin sits at the pinnacle of the Empire Ears bloodline as our most legendary flagship in-ear monitor ever.

ODIN is the most powerful and exclusive IEM in Empire’s history. Boasting three of the industry’s most advanced driver technologies, ODIN is truly a standout tribrid flagship IEM with an uncompromising performance ethos focused on delivering the purest connection between listener and IEM.


1 – Sub-Bass
1 – Bass
2 – Low Mid
2 - Mid
1 – Mid High
2 - High
2 - Ultra High
108 db SPL @ 1kHz
5Hz – 100Khz Frequency Response
3 Ohms @ 1kHz Impedance

Each Founder’s Edition Hero and Odin will receive the following personal touches:

-Serialized Plaque
-Serialized IEM
-Production Photograph Autographed by Dean Vang (Founder & CTO), -Jack Vang (VP), and Catherine Young (CEO)
-Packaging Box Autographed by the entire Empire Ears team
-Dean Vang’s signature on each shell
-Odin will be limited to 300 units