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Naked Series

by Kimber Kable
Balanced Audio Cable

Unconventional Design For
Uncompromising Fidelity


NAKED interconnects start life as a solid-core copper
conductor of the utmost purity achievable. We then anneal
the conductor surface in hydrogen-rich environment for
maximum conductivity and purity before plating with
palladium. This is followed by a thick, 24K gold plating. The
gold is conductive while preventing oxidation of the copper
conductor. The palladium slows down the diffusion of the
copper into the gold.

NAKED interconnects are formed from a precision-braided
matrix of these remarkable conductors along with organic,
undyed and unwaxed cotton. The cotton serves to lock the
conductors into position, maintaining spacing and geometry.
Furthermore, the cotton acts as superior insulator, behaving
more like the perfect dielectric. The conductors themselves
have no insulating polymer applied to their gold surface. In
the conventional sense - they are truly NAKED.

NAKED’s unique construction, with uninsulated conductors,
means that great care should be exercised with its handling.

Custom Built, Many Lengths Available:
XLR Terminations