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A message from Dan Clark

When I started MrSpeakers in the late 1990s, it was to do loudspeaker design as a consultant. When I introduced MrSpeakers as a headphone brand, MrHeadphones was taken, and I have to admit I was a bit lazy and just went with what I owned, not really expecting it to take off like it did.

Now seven years later, MrSpeakers was showing its limits as a brand. First, peopl...

Recently, McIntosh announced two new A/V processors, the MX170 and the MX123. Both have new features and improvements over their previous models. But knowing the differences can be tricky so we want to help you out.

Differences from MX160 to the MX170
• All HDMI updated to 2.0b (4K) 18Gbps bandwidth supports full 4K Ultra HD at 50/ 60 Hz and 4:4:4 color
• Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eA...

Alan here today with our impression of the brand new SP2000 in the Copper and Stainless Steel finishes.

I got a listening demo at Astell and Kern in Irvine. Heard the SP2000 in Stainless Steel and Copper along with their Layla Aion and T9iE and brought my Ether 2 and UE18+.

SP2000 Copper vs Stainless Steel
Copper is warmer than the Stainless Steel. Not by very much but I could see anyone b...